Founded in 2015 with headquarters in Prishtina, Kosovo we offer wide range of solutions such as web sites development for wide range of businesses , application development in C# ASP.NET ets, mobile applications in Android and IOS, design graphic such as logo, branding ets, online marketing, web hosting and penetration testing for online platforms such as web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps and networking platforms.

The founders of ABC Soft decades of experience in the field obtained by working with several businesses in Switzerland and Germany and the same high standards are deeply rooted and applied in ABC Soft today.


 Website Services for Design, Development, and More

Professional Websites

We work the most professional and cheapest web sites in our market.

Web and Desktop Applications

Unique applications at affordable prices in .NET, C #, Java etc.

Mobile Applications

Development for Android and IOS apps for mobile devices.

Web Hosting

ABC Soft offers you space hosting and unlimited transfer to your website.

Design and Branding

Different designs and your company branding.

Online Marketing

Marketing on various platforms with high efficiency

Penetration Testing

We offer penetration testing for web pages, web apps, mobile apps, network infra structure

Website Maintenance & Support

Let us take the business of maintaining your site out of your hands.


We work with you to present a few web design options and a revisions to fully customize your web site.

  • Ora Engineering

    Ora Engineering is a company that deals with Power Plans maintain.

  • Wobblebee


  • Mernica

    Mernica is a garden care consultation that operate in Switzerland.

  • Koenig24

    Koenig24 is a News Magazine that connect all the Switzerland magazine in one place.

  • Event Manager

    Event Manager application in Android and IOS.

  • SESH Electronics System of Expropriation

    SESH Electronics System of Expropriation - ESE

  • ExpoLand

    ExpoLand is a company that deals with oil in Albania and Syria.

  • Geek Food

    Geek Food is a fast restaurant that operate in Germany.

  • Prepaid Charge

    Prepaid Charge recharging prepaid account.


    SIMEPP is a system that manage workers and project assignment

  • SMR

    Management System of Security is a platform that check the point of security grad each team in the map.

  • Flash Magazine

    Flash is a Magazine that is popular in Balkan region.

  • Fitness 3D

    Fitness 3D a model gaming fitness app.

  • Kosova Trade

    Kosova Trade is a RentCar company that offers a huge number of vehicles in Airport of Pristina.

  • il Baselico

    il Baselico the best and traditional Italian restaurant.

  • Nikci

    Nikci is a manufacturer that deals with floor building.

Our Clients

We work with a variety of excellent clients.

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